Zur Geschichte des VDSQ

On the initiative of Monika Henschel, a group of leading German string quartets came together at the beginning of 2012 to exchange ideas. The following ten quartets participated: the Artemis, Auryn, Diogenes, Henschel, Klenke, Kuss, Leipzig, Mandelring, Minguet and Vogler Quartets.

It quickly became apparent that German string quartets needed a professional association to help set on course a much-needed building up of the infrastructure for string quartets in their country. While the string quartet genre has, in recent years, enjoyed a golden age internationally, the dissolution of the eminent Petersen and Rosamunde Quartets within the German scene sounded a warning signal for Germany. Thus, the Association of German String Quartets (VDSQ) was born, making its debut on the institutional stage on 19 March 2012. Representatives of nine different quartets joined forces to become founding members of the organisation - the Auryn, Diogenes, Henschel, Klenke, Kuss, Leipzig, Mandelring, Minguet and Vogler Quartets.  The reaction from policymakers was immediate and resolute. Since then, Germany has been working innovatively and constructively within the changing cultural landscape to mould its future as a nation of culture and cradle of the string quartet.

The mission of the VDSQ and its political partners is to build up the opportunities available in the form of residencies for ensembles in Germany. ”Quartets-in Residence” have a long tradition in English-speaking countries, where they form a fundamental pillar of the string quartet landscape. Germany likewise needs to provide opportunities for professional string quartets to earn a basic living by being incorporated into the teaching activities at a given faculty on a part-time basis.  Such an arrangement simultaneously benefits the music faculty, the specific location and the federal state, with the ensemble functioning as a cultural ambassador for them.

The following Committee is responsible for the VDSQ from 2012 to 2015: Monika Henschel (Chairman), Matthias Moosdorf (Vice-Chairman), Bernhard Schmidt (Vice-Chairman), Ernst Gülpen (Vice-Chairman), and Dr. Wolfgang Gärtner (Treasurer).