Welcome to the Association of German String Quartets

The VDSQ (Verband Deutscher Streichquartette e.V. - Association of German String Quartets) is the first association of string quartet ensembles in the world. It serves string quartets that are based in Germany, providing them with a professional association and representing their interests in the wider public.

The VDSQ monitors what is happening in the industry and aims to generate new ideas and momentum. It strives to maintain Germany’s unique string quartet and chamber music landscape, and works to secure better working conditions in Germany. The VDSQ is part of a growing international community of string quartet ensembles and is committed to strengthening the presence of the string quartet in the rich international cultural scene. Its role also includes promoting and fostering solidarity through community cooperation, a concept perfectly embodied, indeed, by the very entity of the string quartet itself.

Strength through community

Our main mission is to help full-time string quartets and other musicians looking to pursue a professional career in a string quartet. In close cooperation with political authorities and the RKM (Rektorenkonferenz der deutschen Musikhochschulen - Conference of Principalsof German Music Conservatories), the VDSQ seeks to build up and expand the opportunities available in the form of residencies for ensembles in Germany. ”Quartets-in-Residence” have a long tradition in English-speaking countries, where they form a fundamental pillar of the string quartet landscape.

A service bureau is also being set up to handle all string quartet-related queries.