20 February 2016
The VDSQ announces the following benefit concert for Stefan Arzberger – to include Dvorak’s well-known symphony “From the New World”
The Munich-Bach Choir
The Munich-Bach Orchestra
Conductor: Hansjörg Albrecht
Christiane Oelze, Soprano
Lena Neudauer, Violin
Saturday, 20 February 2016, 20.00hrs
St. Michael’s Church

Ticket entry for all seats €20.
Tickets are available from the main ticket agencies and the Munich Ticket office: Tel.089 54818181, as well as at the box office on the night. Organizers: Adrian Olsienkiewicz und Amelie Ohler

22 December 2015
VDSQ Annual Member Meeting approves opening of the VDSQ membership to all full-time Chamber music ensembles.

Re-election of the Executive Board:

Monika Henschel, President
Prof. Bernhard Schmidt, Vice-President
Prof. Eckhard Fischer, Vice-President
Dr. Wolfgang Gärtner, Treasurer
Stefan Kirpal, Secretary
Ernst Gülpen

19 December 2015
The VDSQ welcomes Mrs Nike von Wersebe to membership of the Board of Trustees of the Association.

23 November 2015
Cooperation with the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich - First concept of the new research initiative “Musician-Resilience” is presented.

30 October 2015
the second request for inclusion of String Quartets under the protection of UNESCO intangible cultural heritage by the VDSQ is filed in the State of Bavaria and the outstanding issues of the UNESCO Commission from the first application round answered.

14 July 2015
The VDSQ initiated a new research initiative "Musician resilience" at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University of Munich. More cooperating partners: German Bavarian Music Council, the Munich Symphony Orchestra.

18 September 2014
The Goethe Institute, Munich, offers its cooperation.

May 2014
The Ensemble magazine reported the VDSQ initiative of the Henze concert project.

14 May 2014
Hans Werner Henze Memorial Concert in Munich. Initiation of the Henze retrospective of the VDSQ, in cooperation with the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts and the Munich Biennium, made possible by kind support of the Ernst von Siemens Foundation.

29 March 2014
The VDSQ welcomes Prof. Hubert Buchberger to the Board of Trustees of the Association.

10 February 2014
Jeremy Cox, AEC President (Association Européenne des Conservatoires) offers the cooperation of the association with the VDSQ. RKM President, Prof. Martin Ullrich, does not see any possibility for cooperation with the VDSQ at present.

Munich, 27th November 2013

The VDSQ applies to UNESCO for the recognition and protection of the string quartet as Intangible Cultural Heritage. This is the first application since Germany signed the UNESCO accord. Anne-Sophie Mutter supports the application.

Munich, 15th November 2013

The Ernst von Siemens Foundation accepts the VDSQ's application for financial support for the Hans Werner Henze memoral concert in Munich on 14th May 2014.  This ensures that the VDSQ's Henze retropective will take place, in collaboration with the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts and the Münchener Biennale.

Berlin, 14th November 2013

The German Music Council adds the subject of the string quartet to its agenda for the upcoming board meeting.

Berlin, 18th October 2013

The President of the German federal culture ministers, Stephan Dorgerloh, reacts promptly to the VDSQ's open letter: "I read your appeal with interest and thank you for your ideas and suggestions... your approach strikes me as very targeted.  I will therefore take this opportunity to contact not only the federal culture ministers, but also the music colleges regarding this matter."

Berlin, 14th October 2013

The President of the German Music Council, Prof. Martin-Maria Krüger, answers the VDSQ's open letter: "Many thanks for your letter, which raises awareness of an important matter, requiring detailed discussion."

Munich, September 2013

In order to communicate the urgent need for action in establishing new institutional structures for string quartets in Germany, the VDSQ writes an open letter to the German federal culture ministers, the board of principals of the music colleges, and the German Music Council.

Cyprus, 5th May 2013

The VDSQ President, Monika Henschel, is invited to the annual conference of the European Chamber Music Teachers Association to give a presentation regarding the situation for string quartet ensembles in Germany.  The discussions with the President of the Association Europeene des Conservatoires (AEC), Jeremy Cox, show the complementary nature of both areas of teaching - instrumental training and ensemble-in-residence - on music faculties in the English-speaking countries.  The central concept of the previous AEC conference, Student-Centered Learning, is realized in conservatoires outside Germany to a considerable extent by the expertise of the resident ensembles.  The involvement of experienced chamber ensembles on music faculties complements the role of individual chamber music professors in significant ways - they are not mutually exclusive.

Berlin, 16th January 2013

The strong and clear message from the German Federal Government represents a milestone in our political efforts. The Federal Minister for Culture and Media, Frau Dr. Ingeborg Berggreen-Merkel, has given a clear signal to the committee of culture ministers, the federal states, and their musical councils.
"I consider it an excellent initiative that Germany`s leading string quartets have joined together to represent their common interests and, among other things, to suggest improvements to musical education...Germany is falling behind.  As more and more musicians find it harder to secure a permanent orchestral position, the conservatoires must adapt their training to reflect the greater role that chamber music will play. I regard the committee of culture ministers as also having some responsibility in this matter.

Trossingen/Munich, 12 November 2012

The German Federal Academy of Youth Musical Training contacts the VDSQ. A dialogue about future collaborative projects begins. 

Regensburg, November 2012,

Neue Musikzeitung nmz (Dr. Juan Martin Koch/November edition) publishes an interview with the VDSQ. Further information about nmz at

Munich, 12 October 2012

Political Dialogue Bavaria - further meeting of the VDSQ with BMR President Dr. Thomas Goppel, General Secretary Fr. Dr. Schmid and Permanent Secretary Dr. Herbert Hillig. Following the meeting the VDSQ prepares a Management Summary, which President Dr. Goppel will pass on to Fr. Dr. Berggren-Merkel in Berlin (Minister of State Dr. Bernd Neumann). Full details concerning the concept of Ensemble Residencies are available upon request.

Munich, 8 October 2012, 7pm

First General Meeting of the VDSQ and invitation to the public concert at the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts. Welcoming speech from the Bavarian Music Council.

Program: Mixed chamber music by members of the Diogenes, Henschel, Leipzig, and Mandelring quartets.

Invitation (PDF, 471 KB)

Dusseldorf, August/September 2012

ensemble Magazin (August/September issue) features a report on the establishment of the VDSQ.

Dr. Marco Frei: "The Association of German String Quartets (VDSQ) came into existence in spring of 2012, the only organisation of its kind in the world.  In its short life it has already achieved a lot and attracted much attention, not only in Germany but also internationally. It is already clear that the foundation of this organisation has set benchmarks that reach far beyond Germany’s borders."

For further information see

Munich, 20 July 2012

Meeting with the Bavarian Ministry for Science and Research: the head of division secretaries Dr. Herbert Hillig and Dr. Dirk Wintzer and VDSQ president Monika Henschel discuss concrete approaches to new structures for string quartets. The VDSQ is requested to develop and submit sustainable concepts of "ensemble residencies".

Munich, 7 June 2012

Launch: Lark Insurance and the VDSQ announce a new partnership.

Lark Insurance offers a 10% discount exclusively for VDSQ members and VDSQ patron members. Lark Insurance are a world leading broker of musical instrument insurance. Lark Insurance understand the unique needs of musicians and have specifically designed musical instrument policy with you in mind.

For further information see Cooperation or click here.

Munich, 1 June 2012

Launch: The VDSQ and the Anne-Sophie Mutter announce a new partnership and will regularly work on joint programme proposals for quartet ensembles and scholarship students. 

"I wholeheartedly welcome the objectives of the Association of German String Quartets.  I applaud with great enthusiasm and joy this initiative that comes from the very ranks of musicians themselves, because the string quartet, perhaps more than any other type of ensemble, brings into focus what music represents and how it can serve as an inspiring model for other areas of life...So for me, it is a natural response for the Anne-Sophie Mutter Foundation to cooperate with and support the Association of German String Quartets in its activities, wherever possible." - Anne-Sophie Mutter -

For further information see Cooperation or click here.

Bonn, 5 April 2012

The German Music Information Centre adds the VDSQ to its directory. The German Music Information Centre (MIZ) is the central institution for information on music and musical life in Germany. Under the umbrella of the German Music Council the MIZ documents trends and developments in the German musical sphere. It records data and facts and provides background information on key areas within the music world. 

London, 26 March 2012

Evan Rothstein, chairman of the European Chamber Music Teachers` Association (ECMTA) and Deputy Head of Strings at Guildhall School of Music & Drama, congratulates the VDSQ and thanks for giving all colleagues a wonderful example of solidarity, shared competence, and truly constructive innovation for the public good.

London, 19 March 2012

The internationally highly-influential music magazine, The Strad, publishes a report on the foundation of the VDSQ.

Berlin, 16 March 2012

Dr. Norbert Lammert, the President of the German Bundestag, wishes the VDSQ success.

Munich, 12 March 2012

The Association of German Concert Promoters (VDKD, Verband der Deutschen Konzertdirektionen e.V.) welcomes the birth of the VDSQ and wishes it  sucess in all the decisions it will be taking for the benefit of German string quartets. Michael Russ, Chairman of the VDKD, emphasises that the strengthening of the string quartet genre is needed for the long term and has the support of the concert promoters.

Tokyo, 8 March 2012

Japan’s leading concert hall, Suntory Hall, welcomes the VDSQ.

Nuremberg, 27 February 2012

First meeting of Professor Martin Ullrich, chairman of the Conference of Principals of German Music Conservatories, and VDSQ chairman Monika Henschel. Together with Dr. Thomas Goppel, Chairman of the Bavarian Music Board, initial options for the setting up of an ensemble-residency in Bavaria are drawn up.”Quartets-in-residence” have a long tradition in the English-speaking world, where they form a fundamental pillar of the string quartet landscape. Germany likewise needs to provide opportunities for professional string quartets to earn a basic living by being incorporated into the teaching activities at a given faculty on a part-time basis. Such an arrangement simultaneously benefits the music faculty, the specific location and the federal state, with the ensemble functioning as a cultural ambassador for them. 

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