General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the VDSQ takes place in winter; the venue varies from year to year.

Becoming a member


You may become a member of the Association of German String Quartets if you are a member of a string quartet that is resident for tax purposes in the Federal Republic of Germany.  Applications for membership should be submitted to the Committee, which will consider them at one of its meetings and determine the outcome.

Joining and membership fees

There is a joining fee of €20. The yearly membership fee is €25.

Resignation and termination of membership / Cancelling your membership

You may resign your membership of the Association with effect from the end of the financial year by giving at least three months’ written notice to the Committee.  Membership terminates on death, on disbanding or leaving the quartet, on resignation or on exclusion from the Association.

Membership privileges

Each membership confers equal voting rights.  Information on other membership benefits can be found here: Benefits

Becoming a Patron Member

We welcome applications from organisations and individuals from our commercial and cultural environment to become patrons of the Association of German String Quartets.  Admission as a patron-member is by agreement of the Committee. Patron-members do not have voting rights.

Authority for admitting patron-members resides with the Committee. Patron-members provide sponsorship of at least a specified minimum annual amount. This minimum sum is set each year at the AGM (for the current financial year) and is currently €25.